Citrus Nectar

citrus nectar

Hello, my friends who will still come to visit even when I miss a post!  It’s a Sunday post this time, with warning that there will be no Thursday post–my theatre life forbids it this week.  Ha.  Anyway, this recipe came as a result of the next one you’ll see on here–my homemade Tonic Syrup.  The tonic syrup takes a lot of citrus zest, and I didn’t want the juice to go to waste.  The fantastic Kool-Aid-like color comes from blood orange juice.  Because Heaven forbid that my local grocery store restock its produce section–there were no normal oranges.  But this would be equally tasty with normal ones, I’m guessing (though it is quite fun with the pink color).

citrus nectar

I call it Citrus Nectar because it’s sweet, sparkly, tart, and not solely lemonade.  I’m sure that drinking this when you feel a cold coming on would kick that right out of your system.  Looks like a sports drink, tastes better than a sports drink, and is probably better for you than a sports drink.  Citrus Nectar for the win!

citrus nectar

Citrus Nectar:

Yield: About 6 cups


Juice of 2 oranges

Juice of 3 lemons

Juice of 3 limes

3/4 c. sugar (adjust to taste)

40 oz sparkling water


Combine all ingredients, stirring to help dissolve sugar.  For best taste, let sit in refrigerator overnight to completely dissolve sugar and let flavors meld.  Enjoy!



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